Site safety & visitor information


The Arboretum covers an expanse of 250 hectares of rolling hills and valleys. Most tracks and trails are unsealed gravel or dirt and many areas have uneven ground with no marked trails.


For more information, refer to the ACT Government Public Use Policy.


A general No Smoking policy applies throughout the entire Arboretum site; including forests and venues. This also applies to all guests attending private functions and public events at the Arboretum. As per the ACT Government guidelines, the National Arboretum Canberra does not allow the use of personal vaporisers or electronic cigarettes on site.

Ceremonial ashes and memorial sites

The National Arboretum does not permit memorial sites or ceremonial ashes to be buried and/or distributed onsite for a variety of reasons including the health of forests.


Security CCTV cameras are located in and around the Village Centre and Margaret Whitlam Pavilion. There are cameras located in the main car park, and front entrance gate, however visitors are advised not to leave valuables or attractive articles in view in parked vehicles.

Any incidents should be reported to the Arboretum ON CALL officer 0481 003 666 as well as the ACT Police.

Security patrols the site prior to closing to ensure nobody is locked in when the front gates are closed. Any one locked into the site after hours should call Access Canberra for assistance. Fees apply for gate opening.

First aid and emergency services

A First aid room is available at the Village Centre. Designated staff trained in the application of first aid are available between 9am – 4pm, during special public events and during private functions after hours. Otherwise, visitors and guests should take personal responsibility and call 000 in the event of an emergency.

Vehicle, mountain and push bike speed limits

All roads onsite have a maximum speed limit of 40km/hr. A speed limit of 10km/hr applies to service roads, car parks, the Events Terrace, the Amphitheatre Zone and shared paths including tracks and trails.

Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol should be consumed in a responsible manner. Anyone consuming alcohol at the Arboretum is subject to all Australian Capital Territory laws governing alcohol consumption.

Use of portable BBQs in forests and picnic facilities

The Arboretum is a flame free site and due to the fire risk, portable BBQs are not permitted. A public and free of charge electric BBQ is available at the Himalayan cedar Forest picnic area.

Fire and emergency procedures

The National Arboretum Canberra has an Emergency Management Plan to manage fire and other emergencies including evacuations. These procedures are ready for implementation should the occasion arise. Fire wardens will manage evacuations from onsite venues and facilities. Marshalling areas are identified for fire evacuation from all buildings and appropriate signage is installed.

Response and actions on days of a total fire ban will be actioned by staff as listed in the Emergency Management Plan. Parts of the Arboretum could be closed on days when the Emergency Services Authority declare a total fire ban with a fire danger rating of severe, and completely closed when the Emergency Services Authority declare a total fire ban with a fire danger rating of Catastrophic. All on-site personnel and members of the public must follow the instruction of authorised personnel.

Lighting of fires and naked flames are not permitted in the Arboretum. Exceptions may be considered for special functions and events where a full risk assessment and plan has been undertaken and approved by the Arboretum’s Senior Director.

Rubbish bins

Limited rubbish and recycling bins are provided at the Village Centre and adjoining outside terraces. There are no public rubbish facilities across the rest of the site and forests. As per the policy across Canberra’s urban parks, open space areas and reserves, visitors are required to take their waste home for recycling.

Free Public Wi-Fi and public telephone

Free access to Wi-Fi is available within the Village Centre, the Terrace Room and the Margaret Whitlam Pavilion. Public telephone facilities are not provided at the Arboretum.

Lost and found property

Lost and found enquiries are managed by staff at the Information Desk in the Village Centre. Phone: 02 6207 8484 or email:


There are no Automatic teller cash machines onsite at the National Arboretum Canberra EFTPOS and Credit Card facilities are available for purchasing goods at the onsite café, restaurant and gift shop.