One of the Arboretum's most important roles is to generate research and new knowledge about its trees, forests, and their ecology.

The trees on the Arboretum site have faced droughts, floods, hot winds and severe frosts. These extreme conditions offer opportunities to see how the trees and forests respond to different environmental factors including season, weather, soil condition, moisture, nutrition, aspect, pests and diseases. This is a rich vein for research and learning about the cultivation, adaptation and possible preservation of some of the rarest trees in the world.

With assistance from our volunteers, Friends of the Arboretum and the Australian National University, the Arboretum is collecting baseline data through monitoring and analysing the relationship between the growth and condition of the trees. Together with additional provenance information, the data will be collated to form a long-term database and reference resource.

Research proposals and enquiries

All enquiries about current research and research proposals should be directed to the Arboretum, by phone on 02 6205 4056 or email:

Research Projects