Ancient Trees in a Modern World

Date 6 December 2020
Time 9:30am - 11:15am
Cost $5

Step back in time to meet an ancient family of coniferous trees that, 200 million years ago, covered almost the entire world but which are now confined to the continents and islands in and around the South Pacific Ocean.

Imagine a warm, humid climate.  Imagine a lush, dense forest of tall spikey-leaved trees and palm-like plants with mosses, ferns and horsetails growing thickly beneath them.  There are no flowers.  Beetles and centipedes scurry over the moist earth, dinosaurs of every size munch on the plants or hunt their prey and flying reptiles soar through the air.  This is the environment in which the trees of the Araucariaceae family thrived.  Together with dinosaurs, they have come to represent the Jurassic Era.

Fast forward to the present day as we explore the six members of the Araucariaceae family, which include the Wollemi Pine and Gingko, that grow at the Arboretum and their role in human history and culture.  It is a tale containing stories of myth, reverence, curiosity, celebration, ruthless exploitation and the finding of a long-lost relative.

The walk will take 1.5 hours and participants will require moderate fitness.

Adult: $5, Children (12 - 16 years): Free

Suitable for children over 12 years.

Bookings are limited to 10 to ensure social distancing can be practised.


Attending this activity requires you to comply with the following COVID safe protocols:

- not participating if unwell

- practicing good hand and respiratory hygiene

- maintaining social distancing where possible

- not participating if you have attended a COVID hotspot within the last 14 days.

The safety of our staff and visitors is our highest priority.