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Tree stories

All the trees planted in the Arboretum have a story to tell. Here you can learn more about some of the trees, in stories written by Susan Parsons, a Canberran writer.

Arbutus species (including Canary Madrone) - Arbutus canariensis. Forest 50.

Camden white gum - Eucalyptus benthamii. Forest 30.

Cedar of LebanonCedrus libani. Forest 39.

Chilean soap bark - Quillaja saponaria. Forest 94.

Chilean wine palm - Jubaea chilensis. Forest 26.

Cork oaksQuercus suber. Forest 1.

KurrajongsBrachychiton populneus. Forest 79.

Maidenhair treeGinkgo biloba. Forest 27.

Wollemi pineWollemia nobilis. Forest 32.

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