Forest 83 - Roble de Santiago

Nothofagus macrocarpa

Nothofagus macrocarpa female flowers. Photo not from the Arboretum  

Other common names

Santiago oak, white oak; Spanish: Robl 0062lanco.

Origin of the species name

Nothofagus is from Greek and Latin meaning false beech tree; macrocarpa is from Greek, macro meaning long, though often erroneously used to mean large, and carpo meaning fruit.



Date planted

June 2012


A long lifespan is anticipated.

Nothofagus macrocarpa tree. Photo not from the Arboretum

General description

This is a tall deciduous tree with slender arching branches and grey bark. Its deep green leaves turn orange to red in autumn. Height 25m Spread 18m.

Natural distribution and habitat

The species is native to central Chile where it grows in range of areas from above 800m up to the timber line above 800m up to where it is capable of withstanding low temperatures and snow.

Conservation status

It is considered to be a rare tree and possibly a remnant species from earlier climatic conditions. Currently, it grows in disjointed populations on the highest mountains throughout its distribution area.

Planting pattern

Planted in a diamond grid pattern.


Its timber is used for construction, furniture and producing charcoal.