Gallery of Gardens

The Gallery of Gardens is a mosaic of seven unique gardens being developed as a key area for functions, events and recreation on the Events Terrace at the National Arboretum Canberra. It is an integral part of the Arboretum's master plan and vision.

Each garden has a unique design with a variety of trees, plants and landscape features. The features include a labyrinth, reflective pond, sculpture, stone walls and welcoming spaces for people to sit and enjoy the inspiring surrounds.

Avenues of trees have been planted along the roads and walkways to create an ever changing setting across the seasons.

The Gallery of Gardens has been created through the generous donations and fundraising efforts of many individuals and organisations.

The Open Gardens Australia Celebration Garden

Open Gardens Australia layout

The Open Gardens Australia Celebration Garden is a lasting tribute to Open Gardens Australia's twenty seven year history (1987-2016) and success in opening almost 20,000 gardens and raising more than $6 million for charitable causes.

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The Labyrinth Garden

The Labrynth Garden concept photo

The Labyrinth Garden offers the opportunity to walk an 18.2m, 11 circuit concrete labyrinth with a medieval pattern inspired by the Notre-Dame Chartres Cathedral Labyrinth in France. It is designed as an inclusive space for contemplation and renewal.

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The AIDS Garden of Reflection

AIDS Garden of Reflection concept photo

The AIDS Garden of Reflection is a living tribute to those lost to AIDS and in support of those living with HIV. Designed as a place of contemplation, the garden provides an opportunity for families, friends and supporters to honour those lost to HIV and AIDS, heal, reflect and develop hope.

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Mununja the Butterfly Garden

Munuja Garden concept photo

Mununja the Butterfly Garden depicts a dreamtime story of the Ngunawal people, the custodians of the land that includes Canberra and the site of the National Arboretum. The layout, colour and shapes of the garden reference the geometric scales on butterfly wings, in particular the Orchard swallowtail butterfly (Papilio aegeus), and the Common crow butterfly (Euploea core), both found along the east coast of Australia.

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The Children's Garden

Childrens' Garden

The Children’s Garden encourages children to play, explore and interact with their environment through the use of colour, texture, scent and form. The variety of plants creates a range of active play spaces, offering fun and stimulating experiences for all ages.

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The Gift of Life Garden

The Gift of Life Garden seeks to explore the cycle of life and references the constant underlying rhythm of a heart beat. The garden is being designed as a quiet and contemplative space, celebrating the generosity of spirit and healing involved in organ donation. Scheduled to open in mid 2018.

Donated with funds raised by Gift of Life Inc. ACT, who represent and advocate for the organ donor community, including recipients, donors and their families.

The Terra Australis Garden

The Terra Australis Garden refers to the Australian continent, representing the coastline and Great Dividing Range that sweep across the continent from north east to south. The intent is to invite the viewer to explore the flora of Australia while recalling the explorations by many early mariners. Scheduled to open in mid 2018.

Donated with funds raised by the ACT Chapter of the Australian Native Plants Society.