Grandfather bonsai bequethed to National Collection

Along with the grandfather bonsai, three more of John’s bonsai were submitted for donation to the National Collection and all four trees were unanimously chosen by the selection committee of 13 respected artists from around Australia.

These three other black pines were acquired by John for workshops conducted by international bonsai artists Hirotoshi Saito from Japan, Peter Adams from the UK and Tom Yamamoto from Japan.

Bonsai Collection staff are busy refining and preparing the bonsais for display in late 2016.

John Cross was a dedicated bonsai artist and the Collection is grateful to be able to continue his work. John was a member of the Illawarra Bonsai Society Inc. since the late 1970s. He was Club Secretary from 1978-1988, and remained on the committee in other capacities until the early 2000s.