Facilitated Programs for Years 3 to 6

Water and sustainability - duration 60 minutes

The Arboretum is home to over 44,000 trees. What do our trees need to survive and thrive? How do we manage to get water to all of our forests? How do we know which trees to water and when?

This guided walk explores the strategies and systems put in place to manage water onsite, with the end goal of creating a sustainable water supply. We also look at soil and tree health and how we are dealing with pests and diseases.

Geography curriculum links

The natural resources provided by the environment, and different views on how they could be used sustainably (ACHGK024)

Conserving our forests - duration 60 minutes

How have trees changed over time? How have they adapted to their environment? What role does the Arboretum play in preserving these trees for the future?

This program explores the purpose of the National Arboretum, and what role it plays in the conservation of threatened trees. Students have the opportunity to walk through the forests and discover some of the unique characteristics of the trees, and their remarkable stories of survival.

Science curriculum links

Living things, including plants and animals, depend on each other and the environment to survive (ACSSU073)
Living things have structural features and adaptations that help them to survive in their environment (ACSSU043)
The growth and survival of living things are affected by the physical conditions of their environment (ACSSU094)

Walk around the world - duration 60 minutes

The trees we grow at the Arboretum come from all over the world, and from climates ranging from the desert to the tropics.

This guided walk explores some of the trees growing at the Arboretum, and uses climate zones and maps to examine what part of the world and climate they are from. We are able to explore how our particular climate is impacting on these trees, and what measures we are taking to ensure they grow successfully.

Geography curriculum links

The main climate types of the world and the similarities and differences between the climates of different places (ACHGK017)

The cost for facilitated programs is $7 per student. Teachers and accompanying adults are free of charge. Payment for programs can be made on the day at the Arboretum Village Centre, or an invoice can be sent to you after your visit. There is a minimum charge of $70 for a program.