Canada's Vibrant Arctic Photographic Exhibition 1 - 25 July 2016

Canadas Arctic montage

The High Commission of Canada and the National Arboretum Canberra hosted the photographic exhibition 'Canada's Arctic: Vibrant and Thriving' in the Village Centre at the Arboretum from Friday 1 July until Monday 25 July 2016.

This bilingual exhibition of contemporary photographs of the Canadian Arctic from Canadian Geographic Magazine gives a glimpse into the lives of Northerners, and offers perspectives on the environment and activities that help shape and influence the diverse circumpolar region.

Through a series of quintessential images of nature and life in the Arctic, 'Canada's Arctic: Vibrant and Thriving' brings the beauty of Canada's North to an Australian audience, and tells the story of how Canada is working with its partners in the Arctic Council to ensure economic and environmental development and sustainability during this time of unprecedented opportunity and growth.