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The Labyrinth Garden

The Labyrinth Garden will be located in the Gallery of Gardens between the AIDS Garden of Reflection and the Open Gardens Australia Celebration Garden. The Labyrinth Garden will be a garden for contemplation and renewal.

The concept for the Labyrinth Garden was imagined by Amelda Keys and designed by Neil Hobbs of Harris Hobbs Landscapes. At its centre is an 18.2m eleven circuit labyrinth with a medieval pattern inspired by the Chartres Cathedral Labyrinth.

The labyrinth is constructed of concrete impregnated with local aggregate and through sandblasting of the concrete, the pattern is exposed. The pattern was cut from steel sheets and laid as a template for sandblasting. The construction of the labyrinth is being undertaken by Brindabella Contractors.

Labyrinth half laid

Labyrinth half laid distance

Labyrinth garden beginningLabyrinth garden close-up

Labyrinth gardenCloseup of the Labyrinth garden

The Labyrinth Garden will offer people the opportunity to walk the labyrinth. The garden also has quiet spaces to sit and reflect prior to, or after walking the labyrinth. The labyrinth is imbedded in a larger garden surrounded by ground covers, shrubs and deciduous trees. Circling the labyrinth will be ACT's floral emblem the Wahlenbergia gloriosa (Royal bluebell), as a tribute to our nation's capital.

The Labyrinth Garden was made possible through the generous donation of Amelda and Glenn Keys.

What is a labyrinth?

The labyrinth is an ancient pattern found in many cultures and traditions. There are many different designs. The labyrinth has been reappearing in new and creative forms in many different places such as hospitals, parks, schools, churches, prisons and private gardens.

Labyrinths are used universally for reflection and renewal.

Unlike a maze, the labyrinth has one continuous, well-defined path that leads into the centre and out again. Its winding path becomes a metaphor for life's journey.Labyrinths are inclusive and all are encouraged to walk at their own pace, respectfully passing others when the need arises. The labyrinth is a walking meditation that offers the opportunity to quieten the mind, find balance, gain insight, grieve, open the heart and celebrate.

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