National Arboretum Canberra

Gallery of Gardens

The Gallery of Gardens is a series of seven connected gardens being developed as a key area for functions, events and recreation on the Events Terrace. It is an important part of the Arboretum's master plan and vision. Avenues of trees have been planted along the roads and walkways, and seating and lighting has been installed. Four of the Gallery of Gardens are scheduled for completion and opening in early April 2017 - Mununja The Butterfly Garden, AIDS Garden of Reflection, Labyrinth Garden and the Open Gardens Australia Celebration Garden.

AIDS Garden of Reflection

AIDS Garden of Reflection concept photo

The AIDS Garden of Reflection will create a secluded area for contemplation where visitors can honour those who have lost their life to HIV and AIDS, reflect and heal. Please support the funding appeal to construct the AIDS Garden of Reflection. Donate now and help us meet our goal of $125,000.

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The Labyrinth Garden

The Labrynth Garden concept photo

The Arboretum Labyrinth will be an 11 circuit concrete labyrinth, designed for quiet reflection and contemplation. It is based on the design of the medieval labyrinth in Chartres Cathedral in France.

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The Childrens' Garden

Concept image coming soon

The Childrens' Garden will be a nature-inspired space for exploration, adventure and fun, including natural materials such as rock, timber and living plants. Initial designs show intriguing elements such as the Willow Worm, sky windows and the Anthill Hedge.

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Mununja the Butterfly Garden

Munuja Garden concept photo

Mununja the Butterfly garden depicts Mununja the Butterfly, a dreamtime story of the Ngunawal people, the custodians of the land that includes Canberra and the site of the National Arboretum.

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Open Gardens Australia Garden

Open Gardens Australia layout

Created to honour Open Garden Australia's 27 year long history, the garden will feature a mix of Australian and exotic plants, reflecting the diversity of gardens that were showcased by Open Gardens Australia.

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Gardens 6 and 7

The sixth and seventh gardens in the Gallery of Gardens are currently being considered. Donations are welcome to enable the construction of these gardens, completing the Gallery of Gardens. To make a donation, please email: or follow the links from the GreaterGood website at:

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